9 ways to dispel the fear of flying

9 ways to dispel the fear of flying, You always have trouble in each flight? Some expert’s advice below will help you significantly reduce the invisible fear. Are you ready to find out yet?

  1. Learn how to operate a flight

According to the statistics show that, the mortality rate in the car accident is 1/112 cases, the mortality rate in aviation accidents and space is only 1/8357 service. However, the statistics also shows that the risks may still occur. By Tom Bunn, a former pilot of Pan Am now is a specialist doctor: “Knowing how to operate the aircraft, you will see its safety. You need to understand one thing, on each aircraft will be very crowded, and if something unfortunate happens, you just scaling it to the people on the plane and you will see that the rate is extremely low. ”

  1. Understanding of vibration

Most aircraft are designed to withstand vibration (vibration) level 5 (5G), and stabilized at 2.5G or less. With the variations in light levels as 0,8-1,2G, like the oscillations inside the elevator is moving. The average rate 0,6-1,4G, and severe 0.4-1,6G. If you still have not really reassuring, you should download apps SOAR (oscillation measurement applications) to measure the amount of variation when needed. Whenever felt the plane vibrate abnormally, you just turn on the application, to read out how much fluctuation, and insisted there was nothing to worry about.

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  1. Accustomed with feeling

The area contains the nerves of the brain emotional chill out when you feel like you’re falling, making you feel tense. Let’s start with exercises to get used to that feeling as follows: invite a friend to have with your flight, climb a small staircase. Then both of you go back facing the floor, let’s hold hands and danced down. You will experience the feeling of freefall, is the feeling that aircraft do with you, but there is nothing to be afraid of. By gradually get used to the feeling that your brain has evolved to avoid the experiences you encounter stress.

Keep refreshing spirit in every trip. Photo: NDH

  1. Focus on the purpose of the trip

Tourism is not only flight that was the discovery of a new culture, or to meet relatives. So always think about the destination on your next trip, or loved watching images on the phone. Also please note that further the purpose of the trip and remind yourself what you plan to make. “By focusing on the higher purpose of your trip, you have to dispel fear itself,” said Dr. Jonathan Bricker (University of Washington) is recommended.

  1. Facing worried

“You will not want to worry, that feeling is even more,” Bricker said. Therefore, the best way is to face. Note anxiety feeling that affects the stomach and back to other parts of the body, slowly watching your fear, but do not judge or resist it. The worry is synonymous, and so you take the initiative. Dr. Bricker said that those who accept to live with anxiety often feel more comfortable than those who try to fight with them.

  1. Relax exercises

Make a relaxing exercises on each flight is also very useful. Inhale and then exhale slowly. Repeat this way while relaxing all your muscles as jaw muscles, muscles of the face, shoulders and stomach … By loosening the muscles of the body, automatically reduces anxiety.

  1. Avoid alcohol and coffee

Many people think that the best way to calm down, dispel anxiety is drinking a little wine or coffee. That totally is unfounded. Not only that, alcohol and coffee will make the body lose water, weakening. Psychologist Dr. Reid Wilson said, if you really need something to help you calm down, see your doctor for a proper prescription (about 30-45 minutes to take effect). There is no scientific evidence to prove the stimulants such as alcohol, coffee relieve anxiety effects (sometimes exacerbated).

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  1. Emotional stimuli

Oxytocin is a hormone that is produced during breastfeeding, when you see a cute baby animal, or caught in a romantic setting. Whenever the body produces so-called “love hormone”, the body also regulate stress hormones. So, whenever you feel nervous on the flight, try to think of the lovely child, or your pet, or cuddle with your loved one … The way that will stimulate the body produces oxytocin. You can be prepared for this situation go along withyour family, the warm feelings with you on the flight.

  1. Monitoring of flight

When the stewardess announced timetable of flights, you save. Find map inside the magazine of the plane in front of the back seat, marking the point you will go through at a rate to match the flying hours. This way, you know the time and the place you fly over. The more point go through you mark, the more you will feel more comfortable.

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