Beware of Theft Situation in 5 European Cities

Beware of Theft Situation in 5 European Cities, When traveling to 1 in 5 cities in Europe is named below, you have to be very vigilant. These are 5 cities warned as the place happen many burglaries in Europe.

The city is famous for theft

1.Barcelona: this famous Tourist destination not only impressed by the Catalan architect but also by rampant theft situation. Here, every day there are more than 300 cases of theft.

2.Paris (France): There have been protests related to theft in the popular tourist destination in Paris. Nearly was last year, employees working in the Eiffel Tower demonstrating for help in solving burglaries around this scenic place. So the tower has closed off one day. The world-famous Museum of Louvre also closed in 2013 due to protests related to burglaries targeted visitors and museum staff. Last year, French police have opened large-scale theft.

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3.Madrid (Spain): The city of Madrid is home to the notorious thieves called Bosnian clan- Group of 4 female pirates. In 2013, this gang was banned in the entire metro network in Madrid. Thus pickpockets here fell 40%. Areas such as the subway, Plaza Mayor and Cibeles Square were the site of theft.

4.Prague (Czech Republic): Charles Bridge, Karlova Street, Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square are the area of ​​operation of theft and scam artists. Unlike other cities, stealing here go alone rather go in groups. Guests here have to be very careful

5.Rome (Italy): The theft hotspots in Rome are Vatican, Spanish steps and the Colosseum, Prati, Trionfale, Via Emo and Piazza Cavour.

The tactics that the thieving usually use

Some thieves posing as tourists astray are intently watching the map, then reach guests and then use the map as a shield to pickpockets.

The thief can divide in group, a man approached to ask for directions and then the other guy steal when the visitors did not notice.

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A different technique is fake drunk outside the pub and then hugged the victim, quickly thrust into his pockets to steal item. Guests absolutely should not let your passport in pocket behind.

Travelers should be wary of any stranger, including the elderly and children because they may be in gangs.

Guests should not stand near the subway entrance so vulnerable to thieves hit when escape.

Be very careful in crowded places.

Theft is becoming an obsession for many tourists. No other way is to go to these places you have to be very careful.

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