A Budget For Vacation

A Budget For Vacation, Going on vacation for others, like us, is not a luxury but rather,  we considered it a priviledge.  We cannot afford all the time to spent money for leisure,that’s why whenever we go on vacation, we want to make sure that we have enough budget for it and applying for online fast cash is always out of the question.

We want to enjoy our vacation to the fullest without worrying for any debt waiting for our return. But I do believed that regardless of how expensive a vacation is,  all of us deserved to have one, it doesn’t matter if it is a grand vacation like a trip out of the country,or staying  in a most luxurious hotel somewhere.  The most important is for everyone to have a good time, to get a break from the stress of a day to day life and enjoy the fruit of our labor.

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When we moved here in Canada 3 years ago, our budget was really tight, and our first year of summer here was spent,not going on vacation, but we spent it in our “Staycation”.We took the opportunity of living in a place close to the water.  I took the boys twice a week to the nearby Water Park to enjoy their summer.We went fishing at the nearby lake and spent quite a few afternoon having a picnic at our park.

Here’s an old photo of my son playing with the water canon at the Water Park in Amherstburg;


This year, we might spend our Summer break different, hopefully, when everything falls as plan, we might spend a few days in Niagara Falls, but we are not sure yet,I’m just keeping my fingers crossed!

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