Car Rental Excess Insurance – Say goodbye to car hire excess

Car Rental Excess Insurance, Accidents happen, and with car rental excess insurance from Thomas Cook Essentials there’s no need for one to spoil your holiday. Our comprehensive excess insurance cover is tailored to give you the best in coverage, yet is affordable enough to suit your pocket. It provides peace-of-mind cover that’s always ready to look after you when you need additional coverage.

  • From just £1.94 a day, it’s the cheap car rental excess insurance you’re looking for.
  • We’ll look after you and your rental car wherever you are – UK, Europe and Worldwide coverage available.
  • Unlike most car rental insurances, our coverage includes tyres, windscreen and the under-body of your rental car.

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Our Rental Car Excess Insurance

When looking at rental car excess insurance, it’s easy to get lost or bamboozled by insurance-speak. Big words here, small print there… it’s all too confusing sometimes. Thomas Cook Essentials have stripped all that away by offering you exactly what you need, and a little more. It’s simple: should an accident happen in your rental car, we’ll pick up the insurance excess bill. Easy.

What can I expect?

A lot. We’ve included more in our coverage package than regular car rental insurance cover does. And why? Well, because you deserve more. And that’s why we offer you tyres, windscreen and the under-body coverage, and third party liability along with our comprehensive standard coverage which most car rental insurance won’t offer. And to make use of our coverage, avoid taking out the costly additional coverage from your car rental company and get some from us instead.

Here is some of what you can expect from our car rental excess insurance cover:

  • Up to £2000 for the loss, damage or theft of your rental vehicle per incident.
  • Up to £ 3000 per car rental agreement, increasing to $80,000 if you’re renting your car outside Europe.
  • $1million in third party liability cover available

Is there more?

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Just to sweeten the deal, we have made this coverage available to anyone from anywhere in the world. That’s right… you don’t have to be a UK citizen to get your insurance for car rental excess. You’re even able to buy our insurance from one part of the globe to protect you, and your rental car in another part.

Which type of Car rental Excess Insurance Cover do I Need?

Our excess coverage is available in two variations, depending on the amount of times you rent a car per year. If this is not a regular occurrence for you, then you can consider our daily car rental insurance option. It’s perfect if you’ll only be using a rental car for a couple of days and can include up to 180 days of continuous rental.

Our annual option is for people who travel a lot and find they rent cars quite often during a year. This insurance option will cover you for 31 consecutive days at a time, while you are travelling in Europe or elsewhere in the world.

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Essential Info

  • This policy is only available to people with a valid driver’s licence, or internationally recognised licence.
  • Only people currently between, and including, the ages of 21 and 84 are able to take out this policy
  • You are eligible to rent and drive a car and adhere to the terms set out by your car rental agreement.
  • This policy will cover only one rented vehicle that’s driven exclusively by people mentioned on the car rental agreement.

If you need to know more, just contact us; our team are ready and waiting to assist you.

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