Certain things you have to do at the beach

Certain things you have to do at the beach, Your sea voyages will not be interesting if you ignore the following activities. Same experience them all.

Drive along the coast

Drove slowly along the coast, sightseeing you will find relaxing, extremely comfortable. Your journey will always full of laughter there.

Camping on the coast

The location is ideal for camping is the deserted coast, the pristine islands. At night you take a campfire, entertainment, group activities, and enjoy the sunrise over the sea.

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Fishing, squid fishing

Go fishing on the sea is a suggestion not bad. Places you should choose is on a boat or cliffs. If lucky, you will have a delicious fresh barbecue dinner with friends.


You can dive under the sea to view the coral and to retrieve with pearls, walk under the sea, motorcyclist under the sea … World shimmering under the sea will make you extremely surprised.

Playing sports

There are many marine sports such as paragliding, flyboard, surfing, water motor …

Conquering the forest or cliffs

Guests often prefer the beach is surrounded by woods or the presence of large rock clusters, small with many different shapes. Let’s conquer them for more new experiences.

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Visit the lighthouse

Each lighthouse has the life history, architecture and a good visibility. Not only that, the road leading to the lighthouse also has magnificent views and differences.

Take a boat on the sea

On the boat you are feeling like you are really conquered the ocean. There are many vehicles for you choose from to explore the ocean.

Watching the moon at sea

Really romantic, right? You will feel the atmosphere peaceful, serene, softly.

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