Clean money dirty hands

Money has been mainly sources of everything going on, in mother earth so without money you can barely do anything.

Even if you try without putting in some money inside it might not work immediately because money will literally give it a good foundation.

Is only in relationship that money is not the foundation because if you start a relationship with money it might not be favorable to the person spending.

Money attracts people so it will be definitely hard to determine whether the person is there for the money or for the love in the relationship.

What is money

Money is generally approved commodity that could be used in all kinds of transactions in all over the globe because every single nation has there own money but it must be approved by the people before usage.

Clean money dirty hands

This is an adage that literally teaches the world how everything around the hustling aspect is always carefully done except you want to miss the procedures of legal means of getting money. This adage is pointing at how to make money and the source of your money.

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1. Dirty hands:This don’t really means that your hands must be very dirty before you make money but is very similar to that because before one could make money he must have plans and literally work for it before he could brag that he has money. This is just simply saying that before you make money you must suffer and hustle to get it.

2 Legitimacy: This aspect is very vital because most people will leave the major thing and start diving into conclusions that is not valid.

Actually before a money made could be called clean money dirty hands, it must be from a legal source not just any how money maybe from fraud or other illicit business, money is money but the means it was made makes it different.

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3. Clean money dirty hands:The clean on this title literally means a lot just very similar to what I said above. Before one could brag he made money he must first be able to brag with what he made the money from, because for sure no one will be proud to brag with his illicit business mindless he has a lot of cash in under his control.

So the clean on the title really means a lot if really understand what hustling is all about. Out there, there is various ways of making money but the question here is that is the source very approved by God and man, because there might be a business source that might be approved by man and is a sin on the sight of God,so is left to the hustler to decide.

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4. One from a rich family: There have been viral questions all over the globe about this adage to the rich kids who just meet the money as there where born in a rich family.

That is a good question, but the answer is that yes is also applicable to the rich kids why, on this earth there is something you can never escape which is (life challenges)

life itself teaches you better than your parents when you enter labor market

That you are from a wealthy family doesn’t mean that you will not have challenges that will befall you

If you are not well trained by your parents and well nurtured on the already existing business that you ought to inherit,

trust the process, you will one way or the other losse everything because there is literally no short cut on making things right.

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A lot of people that are determined and successful today are the people that followed the right part, Failed several times

and continued going until God lead them to there time for the time Enjoyment as usual.

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Very important to note that the challenges of life is not necessarily a bad omen, why because right from time to become a better

person you must follow some extensive training.

Training of life will first start from your parents which is the same way it happens in every sectors of life.

When you are married and you don’t train yourself to adapt the marriage might not succeed,

when you are rich and you don’t train yourself on how to manage your business very well it might have issues along the line

when you are in the school and teachers allows you to behave anyhow you Everly wanted which is freedom you might loose.

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In university, we are not so restricted, because we can go to lectures anytime you want, you can live anyhow we want because of the massive populations in the school.

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So clean money dirty hands specifically means the labor you put in to make money both online or anywhere legally.

Clean money makes you to have free of mind less thinking and fears, why because when you do illicit business your conscience

alone will never feel at rest.

By the way there are billions of people who made there money through legal ways, so  there is no reason someone will deviate

from legal means of making money.

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Determination and seriousness can be a massive tool to be a very successful person in all ramifications because there is always

opportunities if you are ready to grab it.

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