The Climbing Experience You should Know

The Climbing Experience You should Know, Climbing is adventure sport that many people love. There is one thing that anyone joins in climbing care is safety. Please refer to the climbing experience which we introduce below, very helpful for you.

Prepare essential items

Before each climbing journey you need to know the things you need to prepare. List of indispensable items were: the medicines, first aid supplies, food, clothes, compass, rope climbing, sticks, flashlight, extra batteries, whistle, penknife … Do not be afraid that they are useless, in case of danger to make sure you’ll need.

Note arrange them in an easily accessible location, and use it before to avoid embarrassed when using

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Weather has great influence to your trip. Therefore climbing experience need to know is the timing of the beautiful weather, no rain to climb. You need to study the terrain to determine the appropriate travel time to reach the final goal.

You should plan carefully for the long and difficult trip.

Exercise before climbing

The doctor has advised that people with cardiovascular disease, hypertension, respiratory failure and pregnancy should not climb. The day before climbing eat enough nutritious, full of vitamin C, drink enough water, limiting alcohol, tobacco and important is sleep 7 hours per day.

You can practice walking, jogging, stair climbing, swimming, hold your breath for 90 seconds, stand up and down from 400-1000 continuity, practice balancing one foot, close your eyes 90 seconds … before climbing a week – a month to increase reliability, flexibility to the body.

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Compliance with the provisions of the leader

Persons selected as team leader must be knowledgeable about the schedule and most experienced climber in the group. Therefore, you should listen carefully and follow their instructions (every break signal to stop, go fast or slow …) to ensure the journey safe for not one, but everyone. Besides safe, you also can enjoy fully where they’re going through. Especially not go far from the team, too slow or too fast for everyone in the group leads to uncontrollable and trip will not be pleasure.

Choose way carefully and improvise when climbing

In addition to researching and scheduled carefully, improvisation is also essential.

Should note the small but extremely important as along streams, road marking … The climbing experience of many people when go along the stream will be easy to find the water, in addition to cases of astray, these people will find rescue in areas of water such as rivers, streams … first. When going you just have to mark the way to note that for the latter as well as having to return if unexpected difficulties can not complete the journey, such as injury, trees, mountains, avalanche…

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Regularly monitor weather

Weather is a factor directly affected most to your trip. Before you go you must sure to see the weather forecast or probe the situation. However climbing experience recommend even when climbing you have to regularly look around to recognize wind, wind direction, cloud, fog, insects … That can help you guess the change in weather (if available) to navigate aisles, stop or continue.

With the practical climbing experience above, we hope you’re ready for a safe and exciting trip.

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