Definition of an Autocrat

Autocrat is simply the excessive exercising of power that is being used for cruel activities or manipulation.

Autocrat is a power, but the question will always remain is the person that has the excessive power what is he using the power for.

The definition of Autocrat is: A person that has a massive power invested on him and he uses the power for cruelty.

Where the power might have come from doesn’t matter but the major problem is that the word Autocrat will always point at a person that have a power and miss uses the power given to him.

The word Autocrat mostly comes in, during government power or power from royalty, because most of the words explanations come in with a dominating power from government aspects.

The meaning of Autocrat

Autocrat is a leader whose power vested on him is being used for cruelty, instead of taking care of the expected task as a leader of the state or a community.

This mostly happens amongst the people elected by the people to rule them,as most of the elected powers is very delicate and once the person enters the seat there is a law covering him from whatever he do, for example: A president of a country can not go to jail for doing something very bad, which is literally against the law but his seat as a president covers him up.

This applies to native royalty, because as a king or a prince there is a setten things that the king will commit and it will be a rumor going around and nothing could be done about it, and that kind of act is called Autocrat: Because he uses his power to go against the laws that supposed to protect the people.


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In a setten country, a president might order the arrest of an innocent man and trust the process nothing could be done about it, because the judges is under the president, the house of representatives and house of assembly can literally do something but due to the fear of losing there seats might trigger everyone leaving it behind.

There is various things that happen on earth from the leaders but all those things that transpire becomes a rumor and fly away because the person that committed it is the leader with an excessive power.

This autocrat mainly take place at the central government of a country if that country invest there major power on the central government unlike United States of America whose states has the equal power with there central government, while a country like Nigeria has there major governmental power vested on there central government, (Federal) so this implies that whatever that is made on the federal must come to be no matter how harmful it is.

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There is various types of power

Government power

Religious power and

Royal power

The government power being the most powerful as it literally controls the affairs of the nation is also very important to Note that the excessive power of it will be a very big problem, because it will affect other powers that is mentioned above.

The president of a nation makes a big influence with his order because the whole people in that very country obviously gave him the right to the affairs of the nation both internally and internationally.

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Remember that with such massive power and the person in control of such power is autocrat, is definitely a very big problem because nothing can be easily done to him as he controls the army of the nation and decides what happens in the country whether it favors the people or not.

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