Definition of attributable

Very easy to know the meaning of attributable which is also attribute in other hand,but first of all welcome to my site.

Carry your cup of coffee as we are about to inculcate in you what is attributable and how, where it is used in a sentence .

By the way once you understand what it means trust the process you will definitely know where and how to use the word.

What is attributable which will lead us to the next steps of how to use it on a sentence, to make it very clear.

The word attribute simply means what prompted something, like what really made this to be.

But the word attributable means that something can work, it can be attributable to the workframe as it looks possible.

What attributed to lockdown during the covid 19 period, the answer is already there which is simply the covid 19 pandemic.

This idea can be attributable to this hospital as it looks very helpful on rendering services to the sick.

This idea is attributable if you have made it in your own business,sorry this is a Savage like but am trying to pass an information ( the whole scenario here) is that a man had a business which was not successful but unfortunately his friends decided to start there own business and he attributed his own idea which was termed void because his own firm was not so successful so they thought he can not offered them an idea to start there own business with.

In an organization and one wise person amongst them make a lucrative idea that lead the firm to succeed, that persons idea is the attribute behind the firms success.

Attribute can also be tagged as a plan that lead to something, because whatever happens to an extent initially had a plan.

I had a plan of creating this very blog to satisfy peoples need or questions and boom, my plans attributed to my website that am currently using to pass this information to you.

Many things can attribute to something, but the word attributable means something else from attribute, although there are the same words but different meaning.

Attributable vs Attribute 

This word attributable simply signifies a something that is probably able to make something come to pass. Let me make it clear: I have an idea of building a mansion, this particular idea is attributable but is yet to be, you see.

Attribute is probably something that have came to pass already, but the question is here is what actually triggered what came to pass. Let me clear you up here immediately: Am a teacher and I teach very much well, most of my students carries award during any school mathmathics competition.

One of the attributes of my students that are outstanding during the mathmathics competition is my awesomeness as a teacher although there is also attributes like there are very hardworking to have made it during the competition.

There are the same words but very different meaning, at a go. The first one is attributable which means the idea is possible but yet to be done.

Second one attribute, is something that is already done but the question is what attributed to that which is simply the word attribute.

There is some many words on this particular word attribute:

Attribute, Attributable, Attributed and Attributes:

Attribute means what really caused something to be.

Attributable means an idea that can be used on a setten stuffs, is a plan amongst people, or a plan that might be good on starting up a business. Yet to be used attribute.

Attributed simply means something that might have caused something to happen, example what attributed to a man that fall from a tree is because rain fall on the tree and it was slippery.

Attributes means an idea offered to make something come to be whether is used or not is just there and have been there for anyone to use.


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