Dirty hands clean money

The logic about making a legit money requires only one recognized procedure and once you deviate trying to follow the short cut trust the process you are no more following the legit money making procedures.

Money literally controls most of the things going on in all ramifications, although there are very few things that money can not control like death.

To be successful you need to focus, work very hard and the end of everything is to make money that will be sufficient for you and your family.

The topic of this article is Dirty hands clean money which is the major procedures of money making in the labor market, which simply means before you could hold of your own money you must labor for it.

Money is generally accepted currency for trading or any monetary transactions all over the globe. Not only money is generally accepted, is also business foundation of any kind because you have to put money into a business that you are planning of before it could stand.

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Step by step of the meaning of Dirty hands clean money

1. Dirty hands: This terms dirty hands do not necessarily mean that your hands have to be very dirty first before you make a clean money.

There is white collar jobs that everyone working there is expected to be in an office which means everyone there is most likely to be on co-operate wears but there are still making neat money.

Mindless there are all neat as a white collar job workers, what brings in the aspect of dirty hands neat money on there own side is the efforts and hard work deployed in making there money.

Remember there is no short cut in making money, so the labor that a person deploys to get money for himself is called dirty hands clean money.

2. Clean money: Money being the most important and valuable commodity every single person would want to have as much as possible, to contain his selfish interests.

In the motion of getting this money there is a huge competition in the labor market and there is where the clean money comes in.

Most people can do literally anything to get money, both legal and illegal, they don’t care about the consequences, there are very concern is to be among the notable rich people in the community.

The legal way of making money is clean money while the illegal ways of making money is not clean money.

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3. Money making procedures: There is always a procedures in whatever we do on this life, but each and every one of them has there specific requirements to be on the right part.

I. Focusing: This is one of the major things to learn before becoming successful in the labor market.

Life has a lot of distractions, so to have your plans come to be with a huge applause you have to focus on what you want to achieve and don’t combine them with any other thing. Example, you are a student and you start farming, remember farming is good, but it is conflicting with your lectures in your academic life which might make you not to be a better student.

This do not guarantee that you are not intelligent or that you can’t do extremely great academically but the problem is that you are not focusing on one thing.

II. Hardworking: What makes you very outstanding in labor market is literally your efforts deployed in whatever you are doing because without seriously working hard to whatever you are doing makes you one of the best in the market.

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III. Smartness: In the labor market what makes you unique is being very smart in your business, because as it is a competitive arena you need to be outsmart others to be successful, although another requirement can be joining an organization with amazing experience and a commitment to making there colleagues successful.

Ix. Kindness: Being very lovely with your customers makes you very golden to them and they will always derive joy to spend there money in your shop because of your kindness.

This is also very necessary to sell in a normal price, because who will be successful in life will be. Selling in a higher price to make money than other of your colleagues makes your customers lose interest in your business because they can get it from other vendors.

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Xi. Creativity: Creativity makes you the best of your business. Everyone might have the same experiences of a particular goods but with creativity you can sell more not minding your colleagues have been on the field even before you.

4. No short cut: In making money you have to following the labor market techniques of every business but that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own business from scratch, but to create a business by yourself is even more difficult to promote.

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