Facebook platform have always been the biggest social media in the world with over 1billion downloads and millions of sign up all over the globe, and is so because everything is free except Facebook ads.

Being very accessible and always upgraded with the best features is always outstanding in whatever they decides to deal on, just like Facebook comace which we will rapidly point out what is all about and what you need if you want to make use of it on Facebook features.

To know Facebook comace is simply just to know Facebook marketplace and it is advantages, how it works, how to make it work for you as a newbie or someone who is eager to be successful in your business in online space which is one of the easiest to deal on.

We all know that this is very popular but some people are yet to learn how to use it and make there business very flourishing with less stress and the needful strategies.

Facebook comace 

To grab every necessary information that will help on making things huge from Facebook comace you really have to read every steps that will be listed below and explained very well for you to understand what and what is the best way to become successful in Facebook comace.

Before I would dive into the tips of Facebook marketplace I would love to illustrate what Facebook marketplace is all about and also what should be done.

We all know what is marketplace, which is simply a place people buy and sell goods of there choice with there money, but Facebook marketplace is quite very different because is not a marketplace like that of physical market where people visit stores to purchase whatever they want as Facebook is an online platform but you can still sell your goods by just setting up awareness of what you want to sell or what you want to buy to the people in Facebook.


What is Facebook comace 

Facebook marketplace is very free online market to see and buy goods from Facebook users, you can also buy goods from people nearby or trade whatever you got for them, is just like a garage sale, but in an online space

In the online free marketplace you will simply find all kinds of goods for sale both big and small, some are cheap, free and expensive.

In this lucrative article, we will simply guide you on how you will access Facebook marketplace on the browser or the mobile app, the troubleshooting tips, also some reasons why online marketplace may not be available to you and also how to sell items easily on Facebook marketplace.


Where is this Facebook marketplace located 

This very question is what everyone will be asking, where is this marketplace located, is on my Facebook profile or group? Today you will know that very place Facebook marketplace is on the social media app.

Actually the Facebook marketplace is located right inside Facebook app and you can use your page or group for better experience, because remember marketplace is always like a community where many races come for shopping so is better to make use of Facebook page because it will help you more than that of group. First you have to create Facebook page or group and name the page your brand that you want to be identified with. Inviting your friends or doing advertisements, that is where Facebook page comes in and becomes the best to deal with because you can set up an ad with your goods and boom you get customers even with 0 followers.



Facebook comace marketplace /Buy And Sell

In Facebook marketplace the major advantage of it is that you sell and buy goods on your own comfort less stress required as the seller will do most of the work like delivery to you,but the most important thing to note is that you can buy goods or buy goods. It have benefited a lot of Facebook users, as it literally made way for people to come together and make an agreement on a Payment or on a product and the make purchase easily and also ship items very quickly to them. All this transaction can be done with your device no much stress required.


How to Access Facebook comace 

This are the necessary steps to follow when you want to access the Facebook marketplace on your device :

Once you are logged in on your Facebook account

After logging in on your Facebook account you just need to click the small house icon, which is located at the left corner of your screen

Once you click the button you will be immediately taken to Facebook marketplace, you can now explore all the items that is nearby because also the marketplace makes use of your location to track the goods people are selling around you.

On the marketplace you can buy from what you will be seeing or you can also upload the ones you would want to sell.



How to Buy on Facebook Comace Marketplace

To buy something in Facebook marketplace, you really need a guide and steps which is listed below for easy shopping.

Whenever you see an item you would want to purchase, just tap on the image of that item to see more details from the seller which comprises how much is the item, where he is located, the name of the seller, product description and also profile photo of the seller, you can also save the item for later purchase.


Once you click the image of the item you would want to purchase you will see the sellers details and you can contact the seller for further details and negotiations. Just tap on the message or even follow him then you can access his profile from there. Facebook do not facilitate the payment or even the delivery of items purchased from the marketplace but the idea is just for you and the seller to get work out how everything gonna be.


How to Sell on Facebook comace 

To sell something on the marketplace you need to learn the steps and guide on how to go about it:

At first you have to open your Facebook app and make sure you are logged in.

Then the next thing to do is to click the marketplace button, just like this one below



Once you are in click create new listing,you should now select item for sale.

Then now you are expected to add the photos of the item and also add more details of the information, and if you want it to be free you can enter 0 number as the price if you want it to be listed free then you select next.

Now you are to select the delivery method, if needed and then hit next.

Lastly you can now publish the post of the listing.

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