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Good news on how to get new iPhone from the government, and all the necessary procedures to follow as listed below.

There is various phone models, but in the phone market rating iPhone is mainly peoples desired across the United States. In fact most people around United States of America usually saves hard earned money in a bid for iPhone upgrades so that they can look outstanding and follow the suit of the trending which is also part of life, as I literally see nothing wrong with that.

The main reasons behind most people bid for iPhone models are simply because the phone has a very amazing durability, reliable and very strong. IPhone products comes with a high quality technology, attractive designs, protective security features among other impressive elements.

One of the best iPhone model that is advisable to get is probably iPhone 11.

Although some wealthy people can purchase the upgraded models of iPhone like iPhone 12 but there is some average American people that will find it very difficult to purchase that,except it will take them a very long time before they might come across such money for the latest iPhone purchases.

The good news which is what brought us here is that you can currently apply for free government iphone and be able to be among the iphone owners.

However, you will not directly get essentially the iphone 11 free of charge, but the model that you will get will be a bit older than iPhone 11,on this article we shall take a bit more closer on how to get free government iphone 11 alongside other government related free offers to its citizens.

Is it very possible to get a free iPhone 1 from the government 

The answer is, not exactly the iphone 11 model instead you can apply for a version that have been there for over 2 to 5 years older than iPhone 11 which are as follows:

IPhone 6

IPhone 8

IPhone 7

With assurance the mentioned above iphone products can be applied for through government ACP application program schemes and you will be able to get one iPhone for free. However, you are expected to meet the eligibility of either of these programs so that you can be able to get access of any of these model for free.

IPhone 11 provider deals to get it for free

I feel by now, you are very much aware that there is never a carrier that offers iPhone 11 free of charge via its government ACP program. However, you can still apply for older iPhone models and be able to be an iPhone user for free.

To get a free iPhone 11 at a very friendly amount, just note that you can only get it done by numbers of carriers operating in the United States.

This can be attributed to the various numbers of deals from of these carriers have from there customers from time to time. Here are some important breakdown of the carriers alongside the possible deals that can help you get a iPhone 11 more affordably:


1. Boost Mobile Company:

Instead of purchasing with a high price of $499.99 you can now get iPhone 11 in affordable price at $349 from Boost mobile company. With a such an amazing deals by Boost mobile company you can save to yourself up to $150 on the go. All you need to do at the moment is to place your order and wait for the phones arrival. Thereafter, you can choose a very sufficient unlimited plan from this same carrier and then activate it online. For more informations kindly visit”.


2. AT&T Company 

Besides Boost mobile, AT&T is another mobile phone vendors that could render an amazing services, and you can get the iPhone 11 from the company inexpensively just like Boost Mobile.

In the marketplace, iPhone 11 goes for only $499.99, but at the AT&T company can help you out on price reduction if you don’t have enough funds,you can now order it from the company at a budget friendly and amazing installments.

Another good news is that, you will be needed to pay $13.89 per month for a period of 36 months and can also trade in your device, still be able to purchase the iPhone 11 at a moderate lower price. For more details, visit below link.”.


3. Verizon mobile company

If should by any case you do not have enough funds to order the iPhone 11 upfront, you can now purchase it in an installments from Verizon and you will enjoy the quality convenience applied. Here you are only expected to pay a sum of $13.88 per a month until 36 months. For more information about the program visit.


4. Mint Mobile company 

You can also get your brand new iPhone 11 from MINT Mobile in installments, if you are operating on a budget. This company will require you to pay some little token of $21 per month with a total period of 24 months. For more information about the program visit.


5. T-mobile company

Your budget might hinder but will not stop you from owning your own iPhone 11 as you can get it inexpensively from T-MOBILE. The company have a program that allows you to pay for there devices in a flexible monthly installments of $10.42 for a period of 24 months. You can visit


6. Metro by T-mobile company 

Unlike other mobile companies vendors, this company allows you to save up to $400 via instant rebates, once you would keep your phone number and visit any of there stores.

Besides this you must always subscribe to one of there plan that goes for $40 and above every single month. If by chance you need another new number, you will be able to save up to $100 on the go and purchase any phone model of your choice like iPhone 11 which is $399.99 instead of the main price in the market $499.99. To know more information’s about there deals visit


7. Access Wireless company

Aside from the carriers mentioned above, you can still make a comforting purchase iphone 11 more affordable from Access Wireless. On there installment you are expected to pay $20 per every month for a period of 24 months via there Affirm. For more details on the deal visit


8. SafeLink company 

Instead of making purchase of the device upfront, you can now buy it more affordable from

Here you are expected to pay to make a 4 interest free payments of about $100 with the Affirm and the iphone 11 will be yours. This simply means you can pay the installments after every two weeks which means within the period of 8 weeks, you would have completed all the pays and now be free to fully own a device. For more information visit



Step on how To Get A Free Government iPhone

To get a free mobile device from government iphone in specific be certain that you can get it by applying through a government program lifeline or ACP program. But the most amazing news is that some mobile vendors companies literally allow you to get a free iPhone model once you meet there much needed eligibility requirements listed by them. To get a free iPhone model, you will be able to enjoy very amazing discounted monthly phones plans, alongside other incredible offer in order to you connected inexpensively.


The free iphone from government qualification requirements are as follows:

From the above articles it is very clear that you can actually get free iPhone from government made programs like lifeline or ACP facilities. ACP programs you can now own an iPhone for free if at all you have a low income or participate in a government assistance program.

To be qualified on this program make sure that your household income stands at below 135% for the federal poverty Guidelines which will be strictly looked at before giving you the iphone 11. Depending on the states you reside in, you can go ahead and check it’s FCC and determine whether you meet there threshold or not.

If should by in case you where not qualified via the low income criteria,is now certain that you can get a free government iphone through there lifeline program if you are a participant of a governmental assistance programs that can make you qualify which includes:



Supplemental Security Income

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program 

Veterans Pension 

Federal Public Housing Assistance 

If you live in any of this listed tribal lands and enjoy any of this following services be very certain that government free iphone life program is for you.

Food distribution in India reservations program 

Bureau of Indians affairs general assistance 

Tribal temporary assistance for the needy families 

Tribal head start

In case you want to apply for the government free iPhone program through the affordable connectivity, you must make sure that your current income before applying is below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines. If you can’t apply maybe because your are not qualify you can also apply for free iPhone model if you are a participant in any of the following government assistance programs:



Supplemental Security Income

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program 

Veterans Pension 

Federal Public Housing Assistance 


Documents required for the application of free government iphone 

For the free government iphone applications there is a certain documents that you must present to be eligible. These includes personal documents in ace, you will be able to prove your personal identity and eligibility status respectively.

Below are the breakdown of the needed documents so that you can what you are needed to submit during the application process.


1. Personal documents

As far as the government free iphone is concern, you should submit an official document that contains every informations required about you, your name, date of birth amongst other details.

copy of your birth certificate 

 copy of your national passport 

 copy of your drivers license

Government issued cards like voter card 

Military ID 

Copy of your citizenship certificate 

Copy of permanent residence card or green card. 

Aside the mentioned personal documents above, here are other documents that can help prove your address:


Utility bill receipts

Recent tax receipts

Lease or mortgage payments receipts


2. Eligibility documents

For the eligibility documents, you can consider submitting an official document that shows that you earn very low income or participate in a government assistance program. The document is to clerify whether you are following there listed rules.

Copy of your current income statements from your employer

Paycheck stub copy

Divorce decree papers

Child support award

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