how long do idiots live

An Idiots could be defined as an animal with a rough body and he was created that way, and he deploys his chuck chuck body to attack its predators.

The animal in question leaves as long as it wants to live because he can not be easily killed by his enemies who will be longing to use him as there meal, just like how wilds cats feeds on the antelopes.

The rough body every time serves as a medium for him to live longer, because in the wild life what makes an animal to live very short life, is there predators, who feeds on them as food.

What makes an idiot to live long

1. Rough body: His protective shells gives him a very protective measure to live longer, because he can not be attacked and be won by the predators because his shell can even fight for him from distance.

He can shot his shell from far to reach it’s enemy, because is just like a long arrow ready to get rid of any kind of any obstacles.

The major thing why he is always living longer than other animals is because of the rough shells that always protects him from the enemies like lion.

2. Not afraid: The animal is never afraid to attack any animal that is trying to feed on him, no matter how aggressive the animal might be.

Just like the video of an idiot with a leopard, the leopard targeted the animal normal, how he use to target other animals, like antelope, but trust the process, the idiot simply attacked with his shell and boom the leopard had to back off immediately because it shell started attacking even before he could come any close.

3. Sense of smell: He have great sense of what is going on around, just like dogs. The leopard that attacked him was coming from his back but due to his amazing sense of smell and feels, he immediately felt that something is going wrong around him, so he immediately started deploying his shell armors that he got him protected immediately.

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Just like dogs that smell and feels your present from afar, idiots also have such a great smell which helps him from being attacked unnecessarily from his predators, because sudden attacks can be of much harm if by any paraventures that the predator is already closer than you could imagine.

Assume if the leopard had come very close to the idiot, he might not be very lucky from its attacks because leopard naturally have this dangerous claws that he will get rid of you with less stress.

4. Slow: Idiots is very slow in nature which makes him to live best part of his life, because he do not really stress to get anything done instead he uses his shell as a source of power to help himself out.

Actually he is not as slow as turtois, but he is very slow though, which helps him to focus and sense what is around him and by so doing he will not be attacked easily.

5. Herbivorous animal: He feeds very well, and because he do not feeds on flesh like wild cats, he only feeds on herbs just like goats and other Herbivorous animals in the wilderness.

Not minding he could be a dangerous predator if he is feeding on flesh because he have a shell that he can easily get whatever he wants done, just by attacking with it immediately just like of other predators like hyena.

He feeds very well and it is part of the things that makes him live long like other animals.


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