how long is too long without sex in a relationship

This very question is what new couples ask as they make plans about there newly started relationship, trying all they could to know each other as they get along in there relationship, but two weeks is okay .

Is quite hard to make this decision of asking a girl out which is also the same thing of seeking for her body because her body is more precious than being a relationship.

A girl can literally go into relationship as easy as one could imagine maybe because of cash or good looks but you see the aspect there body is very much essential to them.

Note:Whenever a girl fall in love is quite easy to lay with you because there whole heart clings for you, although they might pretend but they can not always hide it, and that is why there always the highest in getting jealous in relationship.

Asking your girlfriend for her body is very hard for the first time most especially when you guys just meet, actually is very advisable to allow the relationship to grow a bit like 3 weeks, hangouts and visitation of places for sight seeing which makes the relationship very strong and serious, because without all the necessary things and boom lay with her she might think you are there for her body alone.

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Tips on what to do when you start dating

1. Communication: Very first thing to always do when you just start a new relationship with your girlfriend you first of all make the communication very strong because women literally value communication more than anything. Once you are very good at always communicating with her especially if you guys are not seeing each other often. This communication Is what will make her feel a bit relax around then we move to the next tips which is.

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2. Hangout: Hanging out with your baby makes her very comfortable with you, remember what will make a lady to lay down with you is to first of all make her comfortable around, whenever she is around she feels at home and relax. This aspect makes the memories strong whenever she is not seeing more often, she will kept on thinking about you always. Hanging out don’t really mean you will always take her to restaurants for food, but you can take her to beach, and other places like zoo, museums for sight seeing and trust me you guys must play like children in this type of places unlike restaurants that is mainly for eating. Restaurants is mostly good for first date because at that stage you guys are just getting to know more information’s about yourselves.

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3. Inviting her over: Inviting her to your place is one of the huge steps to take while trying to lay with her but at first you are expected not to touch her for the first week she is coming to your house so that they will be a significant respect as a gentleman, sleeping with a woman for the first time she visits you makes you look like only wanting her body,and after her body nothing else.

4. Making her feel comfortable: When a lady feels very comfortable around you even as Beastie she might not deny you some certain things, so that is why is very necessary to make her feel at home by pampering her, making her always feel loved in all ramifications.

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5. Pampering: When you pamper a lady she feels like a queen and trust me you can ask her anything and she will not think of it two times, because she is already carried. Ladies loves been pampered like a baby why because they have a tender heart when it comes to relationship. When you are pampering her you can now start kissing her, remember start kissing don’t go down immediately with her, try to be romantic first before going down with her as is more pleasant.

4. Calling her sweet names: Calling your girlfriend sweet names makes her feel on top of the world, which will give her every reasons to believe that you truly love her. Always appreciate her in whatever she do for you most especially after cooking a meal for you, appreciate her and that will make her always want you because she feels safe already in your hands. When your babe feels.

5. Making her feel safe: This will always make her feel protected, because some ladies believes that once a guy have his way that is all, they will not call you again, no pampering, no calling of sweet names and that is the main reasons some ladies takes a long time to accept laying with there boyfriend for the first time, as they tagged it hungry lions: Which means after eating what you want you will just leave.

6. Remember to stick with her: Is very less stressing to stick one person as far as the relationship is peaceful and amazing, because jumping from one woman to another can cause a lot and also give a lot of diseases that might cause a lot damages in your body.

Sticking with one peaceful lady will make you focus in whatever you are working for. Womanizing will lead you to so many disaster, because rolling with several women might make less focus and ruin your life if you are not careful.

7. How long it last before laying with a woman: Two weeks is okay but make sure you go to test to make sure are the safe side because HIV is always real, you might think is not real because you don’t have it yet when you come across it you will see it is real and is life hurting.

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Why is very advisable to go to test before laying with a girl is because life is too short to suffer for diseases gotten from scx.

After laying with girl she will be very much into you because there are body is there pride so they will not play with you once you have visited that special part of them. Visiting that special part of them makes you the king of the relationship is you really understand.

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