How to check waec result using phone

This are the very simple steps to check your waec with your phone or pc in a very easy way with less data and stress.

1. You are expected to go to the waec official website url which will literally allow you to input your card details then your result will come out immediately.

Click the this link Waec result checker

You just need to fill in the spaces above and submit, remember the card has check limits of after three times of usage.

2. Your examination pin: You have to put your examination pin above so as to get the result, from an individual.

3. Year: You have to choose the year in which you wrote your waec exams which is very important on the results detection.

4. Examinations: This colum is also very useful in terms of identifying on what candidate you are. So all you have to do is to choose school candidate which redirect your details for proper information.

5. Pin: On the card issued to you, you will see pin boldly identified for you to input it on the provided column.

6. Serial number: You are also expected to input the serial number along with the letters and numbers provided in capital letters as it was boldly written on the waec card issued to you.

7. Submit: You are now expected to submit your and wait for some moments, boom your result will be boldly seen as expected.

8. Screenshot: Because you are using device you are expected to screenshot the result to be able to print it later through a printer.

If you don’t screenshot it you might not have the documents in your device and remember that the check limits is 3 times and you will be needing the screenshot for your jamb applications and other necessary things before the main result from your school.

Waec examination

Waec is examination that the west African countries partake in so as to qualify them from progressing on there academic journey.

Without waec can you enter university?

The answer is a viral question that have been going on all over the African space because a lot of students feels frustrated of failing there first seating without getting there waec.

Actually the question is yes, you can enter university with passing your waec, but you have to at least have written waec before thinking of other options of entering the university without passing waec.

There is two options which and the first one is

1. NECO: Neco is another option for the people that eventually did not pass through in there waec examination.

During waec registration your teachers will also suggest to you, to register also for the Neco which comes later after waec registration.

Neco exam is held right after waec examination and they almost makes the same procedures with waec.

2. GCE: This is another method of entering university without passing waec. Like examples, if you eventually did not pass English and math during your waec examination you can write GCE and join it with waec if you did not write Neco which would have been the second option.

You can been admitted to any university or college of education with GCE, Neco and waec. But in Nigeria I don’t think you can enter any high institutions without one of them.

Next thing after passing through secondary school 

1. Jamb: The next thing to focus on if you want to further your education, is jamb. In Nigeria you must write JAMB to be qualified to enter high institutions.

Without Jamb can I enter high institutions

The answer is yes and the option is jupep, you can write and apply to high institutions in Nigeria with jupep.

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