How to fix youtube has stopped on f22 pro xda

Youtube is one of the biggest online platform with over 1billion user every single month or more.

Is very much frustrating if you are experiencing any kind of app cliches which might hindered you from your smooth use of the app before the app cliches.

On this very article below I will be carrying you along on how to resolve such type of technical issues in your YouTube app in f22 pro xda.

How to fix youtube app that have stopped f22 pro xda

There is various simple ways to get rid of faulty challenges in your YouTube app in your f22 pro xda

Method 1# is to unstall and reinstall the YouTube app

Is quite easy to get rid of any type of app cliches by simply unstalling the app and re-installing it back.

Step 1. Simply go to your playstor and search for youtube.

Step 2. You will see an option of unstall

Step 3. Unstall the app and install the app again right from there, just how you download other apps from playstor.

Method 2# is to clear the YouTube app cache from your device

Step 1. Simply go to your f22 pro xda settings.

Step 2. Go to the app manager and search for youtube.

Step 3. Click on the YouTube app.

Step 4. Simply clear the app storage and clear cache too.

Step 5. Restart your device and use the YouTube app again.

Method 3# Update your YouTube app

Step 1. Go to your device playstor.

Step 2. Search for YouTube app.

Step 3. Update the app.

Step 4. Use the YouTube app after few minutes that the app have updated.

Method 4# Factory reset your f22 pro xda

Step 1. Go to your device setting app

Step 2. Look for system settings

Step 3. Scroll to reset factory

Step 4. Enter your password and click confirm, wait few minutes for your f22 pro xda to reset.

Step 5. Set up your phone and try using youtube again, it will surely work.


Experiencing youtube app cliches f22 pro xda is quite frustrating but I will encourage you to make use of the out listed methods of sorting it out, I promise it might work and if by any chance it did not work out you can easily take your f22 pro xda to technical repairers to trying fixing whatever would have been the source of the cliches.


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