How to make money online for free

How to make money online for free is everywhere but to get the right source is not really easy and that is why we are here to carry you along on how to make money online without paying any fees required just your data and your efforts.

To be wealthy in an online space is quite easy if you understand the algorithm of the platform you are working with and stick to the format and most importantly following the trending always, because a lot of people are currently wealthy on the online community simply following the trending not more or less, just the trends and that’s all.

First thing to do to be wealthy online you need a good device that will not hang or disturb while making use of them after learning this step by step tutorial on how to make money online for free.

Step by step tutorial on how to make money online for free :

There is a lot platforms that will pay you for free for your effort only no payment required but there is some important guide to be successful on those platforms which are as follows :

1. Youtube: Is Google platform which is totally free, just what you have to do is to follow there guidelines and policies implemented by them so a  to be outstanding. YouTube is a video sharing platform, but to be successful you have to first of all create YouTube channel, give it a brand name and then start posting one particular video of a particular niche like example, if you are posting about comedy you have to stick on it. Google pays 70 dollars for 100k views and 7k dollars for 1 Million views.

2.Tiktok:Tiktok over the years have made a lot of people very wealthy and famous by simply creating videos following the trending sounds and doing very unique things like dancing, acting, broadcasting, cocking and tutorials. Once you get 10k followers you are eligible to be monetized and 1 million views gives you 20 dollars and remember tiktok shares your videos so to get that is quite easy if you are famous.

3. Facebook page: Facebook is also paying very well and everything you have to start with is literally free, creating of Facebook account is free, Facebook page is free, promoting the page by yourself is very free, monetization is very free and you even get paid if you are monetized. To be monetized on Facebook is not so easy if you are not popular, because you need to get 10k page followers and post your legitimate videos created by you because it has this strict rules of rising with your own video creation.

4. Amazon KDP PUBLISH: This platform is an online marketplace where you write a book and publish them online and earn from 100 dollars up with less stress. Although to be very successful on this aspect you really need to be serious on writing a very valuable books that have a very impactive stories to the people that will buy them.

5. Online freelancer: Freelancer simple means a place or marketplace that people go and seek for professionals that will work on your business and they paid them after work done. To sign up is obviously free no fees required, so you just need to sign up and boom you are due on offering what you know about to the people that need online and after work done they pay you, but freelancer platform made it in such a way that the people that seek for your work first of all pay in money to the freelancer before you start working so that after working the person you are working for will confirm wether what you have to work for him is done how he wanted, then after confirmation he will now confirm the payment and freelancer platform will pay the worker.

6. Online Influencer :  Is quite easy to be an online influencer but you need to first of all grow a page online where people will love whatever you do, just like an Instagram blogger King Tunde Ednut who posts news and comedy, he is a tipical example but you have to start from scratch so that your followers will be the people that really love what you do just like Tunde Ednut and instablog. The advantage is that once you get massive followers you can do an Advertisment for people and companies as brand ambassador which will pay you handsomely. You start online influencer for free, maybe like a memer, motivational speaker, online writing blogger or just doing whatever you love and people love it too one day you will just be famous by proper personal promotions and giveaway to your followers.

7. Prankstar : Prankstar is very easy way to become famous without paying anyone or registering under a firm for money, you just need to have a page and start doing prank and be sharing them on Facebook groups or profile trust me within a short period of time you will be noticed or you can even make use of Facebook reels, because they share your videos automatically for the reel watchers and by so doing you might get a lot of followers and engagement, because many people have become so famous because of doing street pranks although is not so easy because you will be dealing with people that you might not even know, pranking them and at the long run you tell them is a prank before they take it so serious and start beating you.

8. Dancing: If you can dance this one is for you specially because a lot of dancers are very wealthy online most especially if you are following the trending sounds on social media to dance. To be very outstanding on social media dancing is learning more and adding yours because dancing freestyle all the time might not be favorable to you because each trending sounds have it own dancing moves so you just have to follow the lane and maybe at the end of the song you can add your own style.


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