How to make money singing online

You are in the right place of how to make money online simply by doing what you really love doing.

Is quite easy and sufficient to note that making money online is something to try out because most times people thinks there is not enough money online.

The simple fact about making money on every platform that I will list below where you can sing and make a lot of money is that you need to do it frequently.

Consistency is obviously what will make you to do what you love and probably doing it perfectly for your lovely fans.


How to make money online singing

Singing songs is not quite easy but for the people that is gifted with singing, is literally easy for them, because this is what they do.

1. Audiomack: This is an online platform for the singers and probably songwriters.

This is a free platform where you can upload your most anticipated songs for free and when you get audience from your song lovers you get paid.

You see that this platform audiomack is very great opportunity for the singers and songwriters.

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All you have to do is:

I. You create an account with them via there website or mainly there official app on android and ios.

Ii. You are required to set up your account, which is simply your username, or your music stage name that you make mention on your songs while singing.

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2. Spotify: This online platform is one of the best in this free music uploading from the singers for free and you earn.

This account Spotify is also for free without any fees needed, because as a singer you have a major roles to play in the platform. The roles to play on the platform gives them there money from the platform subscribers.


How to register for free on Spotify

Is really quite easy to register on the platform and start uploading your songs and probably you are expected to share your songs for people to come and listen and maybe follow you for more music updates from you.

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I. Download Spotify and sign up if you don’t previously had the account, then you are expected to set up your account with your correct details, like your music stage name and other necessary informations.

Ii. Start by getting in touch with the nature of how to upload your song kn the platform.

Ii. This step is the major aspect of making progress on the platform, the sharing of your links on social media and your friends for them to listen to your songs or you can do Google adverts or any other online Advertisment.

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3. YouTube: As we all know nothing on this online preference can be fully executed successfully without the involvement of Google products because there are obviously the best on the online business following there uniqueness in whatever products they brings out.

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Steps of how to upload your song on youtube

I. You need to first of all you need a YouTube account, and to create one you need an email account which will give you access to have one.

Ii. After the creation of the account you can now upload song by simply doing it on a play video which might probably have anything showing but your song will be playing on the video.

4. Apple music: This platform is literally one of the best for the songwriter and singers.

This platform allows you to create account and obviously upload your songs, get paid while you songs are get engaged on.

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The ranking on this platform above is also very important, because the higher your engagement the higher the ranking.

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