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The place is the door to the land of legends


Sep 29, 2022
According to legend, there are many kingdoms and mysterious lands exist parallel to our world with the entrance is the real place. The Styx River, Egypt Styx is the gateway to the afterlife of the Greeks. According to legend, it has 7 parts, flows through the territory of hell lord Hades. River’s water could corrode everything, poisonous and deadly. The river flows through two huge pillars of silver, which is guarded by the goddess Styx. It is also true that this river and its water have killed one of the greatest leaders of world history.
The river Styx is considered mythical path to the afterlife According to legend, the water of the Styx River is regarded as lie detection tool that Zeus used with the gods under him. If they lie, they will not speak or move for a year. These symptoms incredible coincidence with what Alexander the Great experienced before his death in 323 BC. Greek emperor organ and joint pain, fever and loss of voice before falling into a coma. Mavroneri River These symptoms are very similar to the symptoms of the infection  Calicheamicin, a toxin produced by the bacteria in the limestone rocks in the Mavroneri river. Also known as the Black Cards, the river flows through the mountains of Peloponnesia has long been regarded as the embodiment of the Styx river in the real world. The ancient legend says its water corrosion large and extremely dangerous, like the Styx River, the only thing which not being corroded is ships made from horseshoes.

Mavroneri River

Z missing City, South America Z is a legendary city located in the wilds of South America. According to the legend, where it has an advanced civilization inspired by the ancient Greek city, full of treasures and extremely wealthy. According to the records of a 16th-century friar, is inhabited by white people and other indigenous warrior woman. South America has many unexplored areas with dense forest, does anyone know what is under the ground.
Percy Fawcett before missing One of the famous cities ever to find the Z city and missing is Percy Fawcett Colonel. Fawcett was kept secret his way to avoid other explorers surpassed. He disappeared in the Amazon in 1925. The trip and the disappearance of his is extremely mysterious, his notes and instructions intentionally mislead gave some answers. One hypothesis is that the famous explorer does not go to the forest to find the missing city, where the goal is a new city according to the faith of his son, who accompanied him on his journey.
Vestiges of the old city taken from satellites. The satellite image shows what search Facett located not far from where he calculated. Fawcett believes mystical city’s entrance which is located in the Amazon basin, between the Xingu and Tapajos tributary of the Amazon River. More than 200 works by ground cover along the border Brazil and Bolivia to see his hypothesis is partly true. It is estimated that some 200 works from the years after Christ, some appear from the 13th century entrance to the legendary city of Fawcett seems to lie further to the southwest than his estimate. Before this discovery, people often think of the Amazon can not exist an extensive agriculture, not to mention a big city like that. However, studies show that this city once home of about 60,000 people. The city is not only composed of small buildings, some of his works was bigger than the pyramids of Egypt. Xibalba of Mayan At the peak of power, Maya empire spread across Mexico and Central America, and the Maya have a strong belief in another world. Gravesite of their eternal is Xibalba, where only the dead souls to be new after going through a series of challenges, from wading through rivers full of scorpions, bats crossed the swamp to follow a dog can see in the dark. Cave system in the Yucatan Peninsula There are many different entrances leading to Xibalba, the researchers have found a different way in the Yucatan Peninsula. The site is located in the ground and part of it is a huge maze of caves to see the Mayan imagine of the afterlife. Archaeologists have found 11 temples in the cave’s system, together with the evidence of human sacrifice. Some animals were sacrificed for the dead, including ceramic, porcelain and stone reliefs. Archaeologists also found huge stone pillars and structures built under water, proof of effort, time and effort of Maya spent to build this place. The garden of the Hesperides According to Greek mythology, the goddess Gaia gave Hera wedding gift is the golden apples grow fruit, are protected in the Hesperides garden. Hercules is tasked to steal a golden apple; he has done so by replacing Atlas to raise the Earth during the Titan you get apples. This is a garden with golden apples that Hercules must be obtained. Monuments supposedly legendary gardens at Lixus. Entrance to the gardens is located at Lixus, a coastal city in Morocco. Once a bustling port of Rome, now the walls and buildings of Lixus was abandoned. The location of the garden is described in a document dating back to the Hellenistic Greek. Newgrange Tomb Newgrange is a giant mausoleum built in the Boyne valley more than 5,000 years ago. The work is not only an impressive performance for astronomical knowledge but also the entrance to the underworld of the Celtic people. According to Celtic mythology, the gods between earth and heaven through the special and sacred places such as Newgrange.
This is a massive mausoleum where the gods among two worlds.
Expected to be the entrance to the banquet hall of the god of Light, where according to legend, Newgrange is no sickness, disease, old age and death. There is a source of food and beverages unfailing spirit of the tree. Scholomance School Scholomance is a mystery schools exist in the folklore of Romania and recorded by a British writer named Emily Gerard. According to Gerard, the Scholomance only received 10 students a course and the devil will be the teacher. The students will learn all the spells and tricks of the devil, while chatting with control animals and weather. After the course ended, only 9 students were released. The devil will retain a student rather tuition and send them to a bottomless lake. He would live there until demons want him to create lightning. The school of the devil is to be located in the Carpathian Mountains. Gerard Scholomance version is different from the traditional version of Romania. In folklore Romania, it is named Solomanari and located parallel to our world. In his famous Dracula, Bram Stoker used the idea of Scholomance to explain the origin of the magic family Dracula. According to legend, the lake where the devil’s aide at school and the devil lies in the Carpathian Mountains near Hermanstadt, where frequent storms. Those who seek to know that the lake has to end to see mounds along the lakeshore, marking where pilgrim’s misfortune of evil is lightning struck

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