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There have been a numerous ways of making money online, even on YouTube but on YouTube have one unique ways of making money on the platform as it is all about creating and uploading an engaging videos for your audience.

YouTube is a Google platform specifically designed and created for video creators to share there lucrative ideas on a video forms and also earn some reasonable amounts by creating videos.

To be successful on YouTube platform you have to focus on a particular niche formed and created by you, it might be a different keyword but a particular niche like examples, if you are very interested on creating tech related tutorials you are obligated to find a keyword around tech and create an enlightening videos toward them and by so doing YouTube algorithm will detect what you are always talking about and will surely rank you very quickly whenever you create a new video knowing fully well that this is your niche.

Rygar enterprises is a gaming company that creates there own games for there audiences to enjoy and also upgrade there features for more flexibilities,so to make money as a gamer is our key topic today. 

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To start a gaming business in youtube you need a youtube channel branding it with any name of your choice, like me my own will be a rider as my own unique brand.

1. Branding: Branding is very important, because it makes everything you created under that brand personally yours and yours forever, with branding you can make your content copyright protected by YouTube so that people will not tamper with your videos that you brought out time to create with so much efforts without proper acknowledgement.

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2. Niche: This one of the best way to make a unique video creation, just as simple as being known for something,for examples, in youtube a lot people have a thing there creating videos for, like tech creators but yours as rygar gamer you are expected to always create video games to your audience.

3. Buy equipments:To be very profitable and outstanding in youtube video creating you have to make sure you have good equipments that will help you on gaming video creations, like microphone that reduces echoing where ever you are doing your videos, good camera and other techs related that will help you on making very nice videos for your subscribers.

4. Console: Making use of gaming consoles will give you the best experience more than laptops because we all know that consoles are personally made for gaming alone which means no hanging, no unnecessary malfunctions like cracking or slowing the game during the missions.

5.New games: Always playing new games and buy new missions that are very rare in the market will make your YouTube channel to boom very fast because people will always want the trending to watch and enjoy, and maybe you are one of the very first person to shows off the game online space.

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6. Practices: Doing practice over and over is very much important whenever you are about to showcase your games to your subscribers, because they will be there to enjoy the game and while watching it you will be failing over and over which will make the game very boring. Practices makes you perfect of the mission of the games so that whenever you on set you already know what to play and how to go about it. Some missions is very hard to pass so with more practices you are good to go, just make sure while playing it on your channel you will not be falling too much although no matter what you will still fail but not frequently as someone who once practiced the game before showcasing it on YouTube.

7. Action games: Action games and movies are very much loved in all ramifications, because of the constant amazing scenes on the games like saving a missing child or rescuing your family and some other engaging games that will keep all your audiences very much engaged. Remember whenever someone is going to a mission in a film or game we the players will be very eager to know will happen at the last, that is the same way the viewers will be very engaged to know what will happen in the games missions.

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8. Mission games: There is a lot of games to play while playing alone or with friends but you see youtube gamers mission and car driving is one of the most engaging games in the gamers platforms why because people will be like this person will win on the car race or they will be engaged to know how the mission will end, whether the family will be rescued or not.

9. Stabilizer:Is very important while using a very high quality equipments especially that of console, is very important to use stabilizers so that the console might not get burnt by high voltage while plugged directly on the socket instead of stabilizer. You just need it to stabilize the light so that it will not spoil your gaming equipments that gives joy and money.

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10. Always checking the trending: Online vibe is all about the trending, and follow suit, which will also make you trend along with other channels and make turns of cash within the period of that trend. In online space will deal with the trend just like the bloggers, will follow the SEO keywords that is trending so as to rank and make money over the years, but the best part of it is that you might trend that moment and continue trending for a very long time depending on how long the trend will last, remember some trending last forever because of how valuable the trend is, just like TikTok that started trending during covid 19 but because it is valuable in all ramifications it continues trending till today and have created turns of Millionaires over the years because of its trending.

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