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Ways To Prevent Lost Luggage when Flying


Oct 16, 2022

Ways To Prevent Lost Luggage when Flying, During your next trip, you bring many important items. You worry about lost luggage problems when flying. Please equip yourself with some necessary skills following.

1.Do not pick genuine suitcase

If owning a genuine and beautiful suitcase accidentally becomes good prey of thieves. When choosing the simpler suitcase, it means that your luggage likely to pay less attention. And so will reduce the risk of lost luggage when flying,

2.Make a difference to your suitcase

You can follow the following ways: labeling on suitcase put your name in bright color pen; use a rope to tie your suitcase or creative with colorful ribbon. In addition to helping differentiate, this addition also helps you fight the thief because they will evade outstanding luggage to choose less attention items.

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3.Use the reminder alarm

When catch a taxi to your hotel, ask the driver how long they need to go, put hours on the phone to remind yourself remember taking luggage down. You can type the name of alarm is in the words “BAGGAGE” uppercase.

4.Avoid using too complex and gimmicky lock

A lock is too ostentatious is as attractive as a sleek briefcase. It will make people wonder whether you hiding something in briefcase that had locked it carefully. And it will become a target of many people

5.Check the label luggage

After checking the suitcase, to prevent errors, ask the flight attendant checked baggage quickly see your numbers have coincided with the flight number and destination or not. Do not lose the label luggage because it will help airlines find the luggage in case of lost.

You should also check the label when taking luggage from the carousel to avoid holding the wrong people things and you will not lose the latter.

6.Divide the luggage

If you’re traveling with family and friends, there is a way to minimize the chance of losing is split items for each suitcase. Thus, if a suitcase is lost, you still have items to use

7.Provision for lost luggage case

When having phone number of airlines, you’ll shorten baggage reclaim. Especially, when the airline does not have a representative at the airport.

8.Keep important papers with you

Never leave important papers, credit cards or cash in suitcases. Instead, let’s put them in your hand luggage.

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9.Use smart suitcase

Technology of TRACE ME suitcases will allow you to check the suitcase location, even if the label luggage was lost, by connecting the system to the global airline luggage. ReboundTags luggage is even stronger when implanted microchips into the body to check. Meanwhile, Bag2Go suitcases have protection system with satellite navigation applications can connect to your phone. Technology is gradually reducing and reversing the number of lost luggage when flying.

With these tips, we hope anxiety about losing luggage when flying will not obsess you anymore.

Is very important to note that your luggage can never be lost, it can only be temporary missing but once you make a report definitely your luggages will be sorted out. But the easiest ways to keep in touch with your luggage is to carry small luggage so that it will be kept above your seat which is literally the easiest way to be with your luggage.

But if you have much luggage is a must that you might not be with some of them instead it will be kept where they use to pack extra luggage from customers.

So is more preferable to carry small luggage.

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