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Prevention tips insects when traveling


Oct 4, 2022
Prevention tips insects when traveling, During traveling to explore nature in the woods am sure you will insect attack. The insect prevention tips below will be helpful to you. Costume
You should choose the dress color is a color close to your skin color. You should not choose colored costume stand out compared to the external environment to avoid insects surrounded more. If in the forest you need to wear long pants, wear high over the ankle. In areas where fleas guests dressed as discreet and thick as possible. Also, should not dressed tight because these insects easy contact with the skin. You should use stockings potentially rapid sweat absorption and quick dry, cool, to odor avoid creating insect stimuli. Use cream or preventive medication
There are some medicines such as cream Soffell (mosquito), obliterate medications DEP around your socks, shoes (anti-squeeze), sprays Chuchu Baby (insect repellent). Besides, you should bring a light salt water bottle. When squeezed, leech bite, taken a small salt water onto the bite,   they will regurgitated at the same time help wounds disinfect. Burning candle with essential oil extracts Picnic night you should bring candles oil extract tree. Essential oil scents radiate would limit insect approaching.  Better yet, you should let the candle near where myself sitting, lie. Also Read: 5 Places Travelers Will Enjoy Exploring Solo Check areas with fleas
Picnic in the grass areas you must prevent fleas, ticks, bedbugs. The way checks for fleas or not use a white cloth is wiped away across the grass (the area you arguably have fleas), if any, they will cling to fabric. Avoid areas of dense, wet
If camping Please avoid humid place, with wood or decaying leaves. These places usually have more insects like scorpions, centipedes, squeezed or  leeches shelter. Use natural materials
Orange peel, lemon, grapefruit has a pleasant smell can rub to repel spiders. A few thin slices of cucumber helps you chase off ants. There’s also a lot of root plants have the same effect as lemongrass, onion, garlic …

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