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Share experiences when buying travel insurance


Oct 3, 2022
Share experiences when buying travel insurance, The purchase of travel insurance is becoming increasingly popular with tourists. We would like to share some experiences when buying travel insurance.

There is mandatory to purchase travel insurance?

The purchase of travel insurance is considered the rights of travelers. Normally tourists take the tour package. The travel company will purchase insurance included in the tour price calculation or in bundled services. For those not traveling by tour, buying insurance is voluntary, not mandatory.

Why buy travel insurance?

Buying travel insurance would bring the following: – There is the peace of mind: The purchase of travel insurance helped tourists get the peace of mind to comfortably enjoy his trip. If there are risks occurring, you will be compensated. Also Read: How to Travel Alone Safely – Protect yourself from the risks when traveling, reducing financial losses: During travel, travelers may face risks such as illness, accident, property damage … the extent and intensity of the risks when traveling was unforeseeable. In such situations the travel insurance will help tourists in the protection, handling and overcoming the risks, ensuring maximum minimize damage to people and property. – In some cases, the purchase of travel insurance is mandatory. In visa procedures of the European countries have attached visa application regulations must purchase insurance as a mandatory procedure. The premium rates?
The premium rates while traveling abroad will differ depending on the destination and time of travel. “Travel insurance always considered is important laissez second behind passport  for customers who have to move frequently abroad” – CARLOS Vanegas, CEO Liberty Insurance, the US said. Buy travel insurance where? Currently there are many companies that sell travel insurance. However, when buying traveler should understand the types of insurance, term insurance, premiums, compensation and insurance cases and procedures for insurance… After that, there will be the evaluation and decisions consistent with the needs, as well as their pocketbooks.

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