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Should British Citizens Take Out Medical Travel Insurance when Visiting America?


Oct 8, 2022
Medical Travel Insurance, British holidaymakers who are planning to jet off to America will need to remember to pack their passport and enough foreign currency to see them through their time abroad. They should also consider their medical travel insurance options. Should British citizens take out medical travel insurance when visiting America? America Does Not Provide Free Universal Health Care It is easy to develop ostrich syndrome by burying your head in the sand and assuming that nothing could possibly go wrong on your American holiday. But the facts speak for themselves. Each year, uninsured British holidaymakers in America find themselves rushed to hospital following an accident or a medical emergency. Without any travel insurance to help offset the costs of treatment, the patient will have to foot the entire bill, which can be extremely expensive in a country where there is no free universal health coverage. The fact is that America does not provide free universal health care coverage. This can come as a shock to unprepared British holidaymakers who are used to receiving free National Health Service (NHS) care back home, when they are rushed to hospital and are later faced with having to pay a huge hospital bill. Also Read: Share experiences when buying travel insurance

Medical Travel Insurance Gives Peace of Mind

Chances are that you will not need to make use of travel insurance during your American holiday, but just knowing that you are covered in the event of an accident or medical emergency can give you the peace of mind to enjoy your trip without constantly worrying about what could happen.

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s (FCO) Recommendations

The FCO can provide you with support if things go wrong while you are abroad, such as consular support, but the FCO site can also provide you with a lot of useful medical advice that you should take into consideration before you travel to America. Shop around for travel insurance before you leave the UK, as there are no fee waivers in place for British citizens who require medical treatment in America. Look for comprehensive travel insurance that covers the costs of hospital treatment and emergency evacuation back to the UK. The FCO further advises British citizens to seek medical advice and to make sure that all of their vaccinations are up to date before the date of travel. Also Read: 5 Places Travelers Will Enjoy Exploring Solo British citizens who plan to visit America should seriously consider the benefits of taking out comprehensive medical travel insurance before departure, as America does not offer free universal health care coverage to its citizens or to visitors. The FCO strongly recommends having medical travel insurance. The FCO can step in and provide consular services when you are in need of assistance, but help with medical costs is not one of the services that are offered to British holidaymakers.

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