Ways to Stay Warm When Traveling in Winter

Ways to Stay Warm When Traveling in Winter, If you intend to travel to the region has ice and snow at this time, guests should prepare to stay healthy and have perfect trip.

Wear several layers: wear many layers will help keep heat better than just wearing a thick coat and so should choose clothing from wool. Try protecting as much as possible; do not forget gloves, scarf and hat to stay warm. You should avoid all kinds of clothing made of cotton fabrics (cotton), cotton cloth soaked by sweat and when getting wet is very cold. Coats should choose water-resistant items but still escaped the sweat.

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Drink plenty of water: Even without sweating, cold weather makes you lose water faster. The experienced climber said water will help you quickly regain body heat. Therefore, you should drink water before leaving home and maintain drink the warm water during the trip.

Keep your body temperature: the average body temperature of human is 37 degrees Celsius, hypothermia occurs when levels go below 35 degrees C. You should keep warm chest, this is the best way to get your hands and feet warm.

Choose appropriate footwear: Feet are one of the heat-sensitive parts of the body; keeping feet warm will help you feel warmer. If go to the area has snow and ice, the more you should focus on shoes. Ideally are water resistant shoes but still open, not to close. Shoes must fit the foot, not too wide. Also, you should go find all wool instead of cotton fabrics.

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Add nutrients: Eat enough and more than normal will help your body cope with the cold better. You should bring chocolate to help increase blood sugar levels and creates heat when it’s cold outside in a long time

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