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The Dangerous Animals You May Encounter When Traveling


Oct 4, 2022
The Dangerous Animals You May Encounter When Traveling, On the road go travel, you’ll probably have to face many problems. There are many dangerous species as poisonous spiders, sharks, jellyfish to giant bees … can make you in dangerous situation. Japan  Giant wasps can reach a length of 4.5 cm and quite aggressive. Their venom causes pain and victims have to go to hospital. When encountering bees, you should sit down, motionless and trying to cover your head. If burned, go to hospital or seek medical help immediately.
Blue-ringed octopus is quite small, but enough venom to kill 24 adult within few minutes. The bite of Blue-ringed octopus is very small and painless but does not have the antidote serum. Thus when go into the water you should be careful, avoid touch with exotic animals Also Read: Share experiences when buying travel insurance South Africa
Sharks: When you see a shark, immediately out of the water in calm, do not panic as splashing water, so will attract their attention. If unfortunately clashed ocean assassins, use whatever you have on hand at their head and fins, or trying to hit their nose.
Cone snail venom can be deadly. Many travelers may miss them stepped on or picked up by curious. Be careful when handling the cone snail, their venom can go through gloves or bags. Australia  Box jellyfish have venom can kill an adult in 5 minutes. Victims may be in shock, cardiac drowned before he could swim to shore and get help. Therefore, travelers should only swim in areas that have been identified as safe.
Saltwater crocodiles: few people can survive when clashes this species. In Australia, many areas have signs prohibiting the water. But that does not mean there is no safe place. If you walk, you should stay away from the water’s edge, whether camping or fishing. Also Read: Traveling Alone | How to Stay Safe When Visiting a New City or Country Alone
Taipan snake is one of the most poisonous snakes in Australia. Snakes are quite shy and often stay away from people. However, Queensland Taipan snakes is quite aggressive, with venom in one bite is enough to kill 100 adults.
Sydney spiders have venom deadly, sharp fangs that can go through the nail, and above all, they are not afraid of people. One bite into the chest can make people lose their lives in 15 minutes. If they bite, call for help immediately. South America
Brazilian wandering spider is extremely aggressive. They are one of the few species ready to attack humans. Its venom contains neurotoxins painful and can cause death.
The giant Scolopendra centipede has leg up to 30 centimeter. Although their venom is not fatal but causes pain, swelling.
Puffer: Just 0.1 g venom is enough to kill you. Guests should not eat foods in non-specialized stores, and should go to the hospital immediately if there are signs of poisoning.
Poison dart frog: Only 0.2 g of this species toxic enough to kill an adult. You should stay away from the frogs have brightly colored. You go to the hospital immediately if accidentally exposed to the slime on their skin. Also Read: Plan the right trip starting from hotel reservation

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