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The secret to travel safely: Before trip


Oct 9, 2022

The secret to travel safely: Before trip

To have a safe trip, you should note the following before the trip:
  • Should buy travel insurance before you go:
A travel insurance program from a reputable supplier will help protect you against unexpected risks from simple trip cancellation, trip delay, baggage loss or damages to the incidents such as accidents, illness or even legal issues. You can order online travel insurance worldwide famous American insurer ACE Insurance.
  • Bring luggage neatly as possible:
The more bags you carry, the more tired you are and the more difficult to move, and therefore, also easily forgotten or errors in pack up. Take the luggage neat as possible, you will be less cumbersome arrangement and not spend time worrying about them.  Also Read: How to Choose the Best Travel Insurance
  • It should be stored addresses & necessary phone numbers in notebook which stored in a purse, or applications stored on your phone note: police, fire, property address is stored, office Embassy … Especially, do not forget the hot line phone number Relief Center Health & Travel Emergency Assistance 24/7 ACE
  • Remember to put important information for family and friends: Maybe you do not forget the memorable experience of climbing athletes Aron Ralston in film 127 Hours! So, let’s leave schedule and contact information for your family. A copy of the contract of the ACE travel insurance, you should leave the family so people can keep information and references as needed.
  • Please check the visa requirements of the destination:
Before traveling, check whether you need a visa for the country you are going to or transiting or not? Do not charge your trip when stuck in somewhere.

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