The trick secure tenancy when traveling

The trick secure tenancy when traveling, From 2008 to date, more than 50 million visitors ever bookings on the site Airbnb. Travel & Leisure have recently revealed the secret to secure tenancy on this site.

Call ahead for homeowners

You can book rooms through the system Aribnb without contact the host. But contact the landlord, you can build a good relationship with them. You also have the opportunity to relieve their questions. In the event of incidents and more convenient for you.

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Refer to comments of traveler

You should only choose the home with 3 or more positive remarks. Brian Chesky, Airbnb founder said. Approximately 72% traveler usually leaves a comment for homeowners after they hired. Please read the comments there.

Check authentication information (Verified ID)

From 2013 Airbnb requires the landlord to provide specific information when registering. All homeowners are authentic information will provide an identification photo of yourself. Homeowners are often very serious about creating a safe space and relaxation for guests.

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Check social network channels of homeowners.

You should learn about homeowner through Facebook or Instagram to know more about them, and confirming their presence on social networks.

There are contingency plans

People who reservations often complain about homeowners cancellation last-minute. The best you should find a hotel room near certain, and contact the hotel to inquire about available rooms. Thus, you will have contingency plans when homeowners to cancel your reservation.

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