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The way to choose safety seats on the tour


Oct 3, 2022
The way to choose safety seats on the tour, When book the ticket on the plane, you should avoid the back seat; when sitting in cars, you should choose the middle position of the back seat, a travel website recommends. Prevention of traffic accidents while traveling has always been the concern of passengers. The recommends to choose seats below will help you minimize injuries in the incidents when moving. Plane Aviation accidents are often unpredictable. According to author and advise pilots on flight safety guidebook “Cockpit Confidential: Everything You Need To Know About Air Travel”, passengers should choose the seats away from the back. Timothy Griffin, founder of FlyHome, also reminded passengers should know the basics of aviation safety as locate exits, storage salvage clothes and always wear safety belts. When accidents happen, passengers are advised not to carry any luggage at all, because this may affect the time to run to the exit door. In many cases, the distance between life and death is only a second. Passengers should pay attention to listen to the safety instructions of the flight attendants, instead engrossed reading newspapers, watching movies, photography, or check-in on the plane. Also Read: Share experiences when buying travel insurance Train Tanya Lewis- scientists recently conducted in-depth studies on railway safety. Research indicates that the risk of train derailment at 9 times higher than the risk of a car or other trains crashed into. Sothe safety seat given to passengers is in one or two carriages behind middle carriage. You should also choose a chair in the aisle next to the window in case of glass broken when the train crashed. When a collision occurs, the seat toward the stern also reduces the possibility of passengers being thrown forward.

Amtrak Acela train car

Photo: Elliott Car Back seats are safer than the front seat by the collision happens, passengers will be splashed inertial forward. In terms of safest, the middle position of the back seat will minimize injuries than the side of the windows in the collision of two sides.

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