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Things women should not do when the traveling alone


Oct 4, 2022
Things women should not do when the traveling alone, There are some things that women should not do when the traveling alone. This will help you have a safe trip.

Down plane late at night

Wandering alone in a strange place at night really unsafe. This also makes you pretty tired. Select the flight landed in the daytime, for safe and easy to learn the new time zone.

Costume too revealing

You should learn about the culture where you are coming. There are a few places people do not like women who dress too revealing. Apparel fit helps you easy to get acquainted with people more and also help you not so prominent when the in a strange place alone.

No contingency plans

Every situation can occur such as: – Being robbed of all cash or credit card. There’s a little tip is to leave your money in a few drug vials, nobody checked your medicine vials to find money at all. – Lost passport. Before you go you should send the information important personal in e-mail address itself to have sufficient information despite losing papers. Also Read: Share experiences when buying travel insurance

Given that the other woman is not dangerous

You can still meet and converse with other people on the road. But please carefully consider intimate level, especially at the first meets.

To others know where you are stay

You should not disclose his place of stay for the new friends encounter. Especially not to let others know you rests alone.

Taking a taxi is not genuine

Travel by taxi is not genuine will be cheaper some money. But this would hidden contains many dangerous to you.

Bring jewels sparkling

Do not wear jewelry sparkling. This will prevent you from becoming a target for thieves and pickpockets. Open room door immediately when someone calls You should not open immediately when someone calls. Check carefully before opening.

Receive food from strangers

This hidden contains many  dangerous because most likely you will eat, drinking sleeping pills and being robbed or harmed.

To these fears on that you do not dare to go alone

The tips above are to give you room to avoid the uncertainties may occur. But do not be too frightened. You only need to find out skills the rules at your destination, memo the uncertainties may occur to prevent and started alone trip very fun. Also Read: How to Travel Alone Safely

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