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Travel Insurance and Pregnancy


Oct 9, 2022
Travel Insurance and Pregnancy, Your pregnancy is a great time to take advantage of some downtime for relaxation before the baby comes. If you have the budget and if your doctor clears you, it may be a great time to travel for vacation. It’s always a good idea to get travel insurance when you go on vacation, but how does pregnancy affect your travel insurance options?

What is travel insurance?

Not everyone has heard of travel insurance before. Travel insurance can be purchased to protect against certain scenarios while you travel – usually for pleasure. It Protects you against cancellation due to circumstances beyond your control such as weather conditions, death or illness, military duty, bankruptcy of airlines or cruise lines or even flight restrictions due to terrorism alerts. It generally just helps to ensure that you don’t lose your vacation investment for any reason. Also Read: Can You Have Fun Traveling Alone?

Is it safe to travel while pregnant?

There is nothing wrong with traveling while pregnant. If you are traveling by car then keep in mind that you should try to stop and get up and move your legs every hour or so because the added weight of your baby can put pressure on one of your main arteries and can inhibit blood flow. Flying while pregnant is allowed too but there are some risks involved. Your first trimester is the one where the baby’s development is most sensitive, and the last trimester can be difficult too because you are so close to delivery. The second trimester is probably the safest time for you fly if you are going to. Keep in mind that many airlines will not allow you to fly if your in your 32nd week or later unless you provide a note from your doctor saying that you are fit to fly.

Can I get travel insurance for pregnancy?

Travel insurance for pregnancy is a little different than standard travel insurance. Although you may still want to get standard travel insurance, pregnancy travel insurance helps to protect against medical emergencies that may occur wile traveling. If you experience complications or premature labor/delivery while traveling, the pregnancy travel insurance will ensure that no matter where you are you will have access to the proper health care. Your travel insurance policy could even include medical evacuation which means that you will be taken directly to the nearest facility which can provide the type of care you may need for your situation. It can be fun to take time to vacation and relax before your baby comes. If you do decide to travel during your pregnancy, travel insurance with pregnancy provisions can be a comforting added layer of security to help ensure that if something happens, you and your baby will be cared for. Also Read: What is the importance of getting the best travel insurance?

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