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Travel Safety Tips for Kids Flying Alone Internationally (Part 2)


Oct 5, 2022

Kid Travel Safety Tip #6: Give your Child a Recent Photo of the Adult Picking Her Up

Travel Safety Tips for Kids, Unless your child will instantly recognize the adult picking her up, having a recent photo will make it easier on her to identify the person picking her up. This adult will need to show a photo ID to the airline to be allowed to pick up your kid, but this way she has some feeling of control and is likely to be calmer about the transition.

Kid Travel Safety Tip #7: More Things to Send with your Child

Your kid should have with him a list of emergency contacts at his destination. This should include the names and phone numbers of the person picking him up, plus at least one other person. This way if the arranged pickup is delayed or somehow prevented from reaching the airport, your child can contact an alternate person. If your child takes prescription medications, make sure to pack with him a sufficient supply in the original bottle. If your kid suffers any allergies, make sure to send with him any necessary medications, as well as a letter describing the allergies. It is especially important to note any allergies to medications, such as penicillin. Also Read: Travel Tips for Women Traveling Alone A consent letter naming the custodians at your child’s destination will allow them to prove to authorities they are his temporary guardians. This could make things simpler in case of a medical emergency. The letter should be signed by both parents if at all possible. Give your kid a global calling card and/or a rented cell phone that will work at the destination, with instructions on how to call you. This will allow him to reach you in an emergency. Make two sets of photo-copies of all documents including passport, e-ticket itinerary, contact information for you as well as the adult picking him up at his destination, unaccompanied minor form, consent letter, etc. Keep one set of copies with you and another with your child, in a secure pouch, possibly under his shirt. This is also a good place to put some emergency cash, preferably in the currency of the destination and any layover location. Tell your kid not to take this out except in case of emergency. The money may enable your child to make an emergency phone call, or at least feed himself if somehow his escort loses him.

Kid Travel Safety Tip #8: How to Pack

Packing for your child, make sure her carry-on is not too heavy to carry in comfort. Follow airport security instructions to the letter, and don’t send any liquids in the carry-on in amounts greater than allowed. Any liquids should be in the allowed quart-sized clear bag. Pack toys, solo games, books, activity books, markers, crayons, etc. depending on her interests. Make sure these are easy to access. If she’s used to them, you should include a favorite stuffed animal and perhaps a neck pillow for comfortable napping on the way. Also Read: When Your Child Travels Alone: 3 Tips for a Safe Trip

Kid Travel Safety Tip #9: Strength in Numbers

If possible, having two siblings travel together is much better than either one travelling alone. The two can talk things over if they feel uncomfortable or concerned, providing emotional support on the way. Keep in mind however that airlines will use the younger kid’s age to determine what flights they’re allow on.

Kid Travel Safety Tip #10: Communication

Make arrangements to talk with your child daily, if at all possible, when she’s abroad. This will provide her with a measure of normalcy, and will allow you to question her as to how she’s doing so you’re confident she’s OK.

Bottom Line of Kid Travel Safety

Plan everything far ahead of time, and make all arrangements needed so your kid doesn’t have to do anything more complicated than follow an escort through security checks, connecting flights, customs, immigration, etc. This will already be plenty for a child flying alone to handle. Also Read: Things women should not do when the traveling alone

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