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Travel Tips for Great American Cities


Oct 11, 2022
Travel Tips for Great American Cities, Many people when going on trips aren’t looking to go where everyone else goes, but rather where to go to get the best experience. I’ve traveled all across the country and visited many of America’s most enjoyable cities. Seattle, Boston, and New York City are some of my favorites. I’ve gotten used to finding the most enjoyable experience for the least amount of money, and will share that with you here.
Let’s start with the East Coast. New York City Let’s start with an overrated location. The Empire State Building, while a magnificent sight to behold,fails to meet what most people expect. Especially during peak travel season, by and large what you’ll experience here is waiting in line. While waiting in line is certainly to be expected at such places, they take it to an extreme. In essence, you follow a line from the moment you step through the doors, until you exit out the doors. You take one walk, in a line, around the windows of the observation deck where photography is not permitted. Also Read: Things To Pack When Traveling With Kids As for an interesting place, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is a must-see location. You won’t be taking out a loan or opening an account at this bank, it’s not that kind of bank. The real draw, though, lies deeper, and was shown in the original Die Hard movie. Visitors can take in the sight of easily one of the largest gold deposits in the world. Valued upwards of $200 Billion, the gold vault here holds more gold than it’s more famous brother Fort Knox. Boston Boston is one of my absolute favorite cities. Few other cities can boast the history that this city has. Walking through the streets with an experienced tour guide will show you that around nearly every corner sits some monumental location of American history. Starting at the waterfront, you can see the famous shipyard where the Boston Tea Party happened, as well as hear the lesser known factual story of the event and why it was more of a symbol than a true act of rebellion. Walk slightly more inland and you’ll come to the oldest surviving house in Boston. Formerly owned by Paul Revere during his famous involvement in the revolution, it’s not just a good glimpse into the historic figures life, but also an example of how things were in early America. It also offers a tour for just $3.50, making it one of the best bargains. Also Read: The secret to travel safely: Before trip Seattle While Boston certainly makes it near the top of my list of favorite cities in the country, Seattle rests comfortably at the very top, and is easily my most visited destination. When traveling here, I recommend flying in and taking a cab to a hotel in downtown, as walking is, in my opinion, the best way to take in the city. However, we must start this one off much like we did with New York. One of the most iconic locations, the Space Needle, can easily be passed up. It isn’t as much of a tourist trap in my opinion as the Empire State Building; however the Space Needle is, in fact, little more than a gift shop at 520 feet in the air. The view, though, is remarkable (and photos are allowed at this one). It’s worth a visit once, but certainly not multiple visits. Other attractions in Seattle Center (where the Space Needle is located) are also worth a visit. TheExperience Music Project (EMP) is a great stop for those with a love of music, housing some artifacts from great music legends of recent history. Similarly, the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame(which is part of EMP) is a must-see for the nerds among us, myself included. It houses set pieces and props from some of the most iconic sci-fi shows and movies new and old. My favorite locale in Seattle, though, is the waterfront. Starting at the famous Pike Place Market, taking a leisurely stroll up the waterfront is something I tend to do multiple times on visits. From seeing huge ships, to eating at great restaurants, the waterfront always seems to reveal something new to me each visit. Also Read: Travel Insurance Eliminates Worrying About The Unexpected The Crab Pot Restaurant and Bar, once a relatively unheard of seafood restaurant sitting on a pier at the waterfront, it has gotten a lot of buzz lately. While it is certainly busier than it was when I first walked in, it’s quality has not diminished in the slightest. The restaurant’s famous Seafeasts are not to be missed. Essentially what they do is they fill a bucket with assorted deliciously cooked seafood, dump it on your table, give you a hammer, and allow you to set to work. They have three different versions to fancy your taste buds and wallet.

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