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Traveling Alone | How to Stay Safe When Visiting a New City or Country Alone


Oct 1, 2022
Traveling Alone, When you are traveling alone, your safety standards will vary depending on the particular location you end up in and the measure of security you can expect in the particular locale. Some domestic and international cities are quite safe as a general rule while others are a hotbed of crime. This article is going to provide a few tips to keep you safe!

Safety Tip for Traveling Alone – Know Your Destination City

If you are traveling to a new city for the first time, take advantage of the advantage the Internet gives you. Visit travel forums and blogs by native citizens to find out the better places to stay in the city as well as the areas that contain more crime (if there is a particular region). Check out the city or country newspaper to get the feel of the community or city before visiting.

 Safety Tip for Traveling Alone – When Traveling By Plane

Traveling by plane is an excellent way to conquer a long distance when “flying solo,” but you will have to rely on public transportation to get you to your hotel and around town. Again, before traveling, research cab companies and bus/rail lines in your destination to find the best times and lines to travel.

 Safety Tip for Traveling Alone – Picking Your Hotel

If you are going to be walking around a city and exploring it as a tourist, then you want to go with the extra money and pick a hotel near to all of the main destinations and within a safe walking distance. Be sure to read online reviews and pay particular attention to any mentions of the surrounding neighborhoods. Also Read: 5 Places Travelers Will Enjoy Exploring Solo

 Safety Tip for Traveling Alone – Socializing

When you are alone in a new city, you may decide to visit a pub or nightclub to mingle with people . Not only do the typical rules of caution apply to the nightclub scene, but extra ones as well. If you are in completely new surroundings, particularly in a foreign country always pay close attention to your person and your personal affects, including any food or beverages you will be partaking in. Even if the club is near your hotel, take a cab home or leave while the evening is young and daylight still exists. If nighttime does sneak up on you, then leave with a crowd if it all possible.

Safety Tip for Traveling Alone – Wear a GPS

If you are alone and have family at home, any time you go out, wear a GPS. GPS units do not have to be conspicuous and are now readily built-in to many devices. By always keeping your GPS on and activated, you can be found should anything unforeseen occur. Common sense always rules supreme in terms of safety. By making wise choices before leaving on vacation and doing research, as well as investing in a safety tool like GPS, you will be well on your way to having a safe solo holiday.

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