Ways to Take the Stress Out of Long-Haul Flights

Ways to Take the Stress Out of Long-Haul Flights, The long flight is easy to make you fatigue. To avoid stress on the plane, you remember to follow the following tips of cheap travel insurance.

Drink enough water

Whenever the body also needs enough water, especially when flying. So even though the weather is not hot, even if you are not thirsty, you should have enough water for the body

Do not drink beverages with caffeine and alcohol

Do not take drinks that contain caffeine or alcohol, as they cause dehydration. Try drinking warm lemon water to help digestion work well, and prevent infection, reduce swelling (due to long sitting on plane).

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Due to air humidity on the plane is very low so the moisturizing is very important. Every 4 hours you should apply cream once while on airplane. Also you can use lotion mask.

You can also use a spray of mineral products to add moisture for the skin. It will make your skin always fresh and full of life, no matter how resistant long flights. You should spray after wash face or before using moisturizer.

Enough sleep

Sleeping time is very important. So if you’re difficult sleeping person, you should bring a sleep mask on the plane. Some masks have anti-wrinkle, or promote blood circulation, reduce headaches phenomenon.

You should also carry u-letter pillow, a light blanket to sleep better

Bring perfume

The familiar fragrance will help people who suffering from stress can relax. There are many oils with various and pleasant scents, suitable in cramped spaces, like lavender, Brazil rose, vanilla … You can associate this scent with your favorite essential oils, bottled spray and spray on travel pillow, eye mask, neck and face. At that time, you will feel comfortable and relaxed.

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Lip balm and eye drops

Moisture on the plane is very low, easy to make dry lips, eyes. Just a little Vaseline box and bottle of eye drops, you complete peace of mind to avoid dry lips, dry eyes while flying.

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